66 AF1 Black

$85.00 CAD

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Ace Trucks 66 AF1 Black.

Strongest Cast Truck Ever Made - All new proprietary process, Strength at the molecular level.
Faces Hangers - Machines to perfection so the bearings sit flush.
Last etched sizing - No more guessing sizes.
Bonus Re-Threading Die - Keep in on your key chain to fix a friends acres on the fly.
Re-Threading axle nuts - No more stripped axles, patent pending technology.
Upgraded Pivot Cups - Hand-poured 96A urethane, maximum durability.
Improved suspension - Refined bushing and washer shapes.
Upgraded axles - SCM440 allow steel axles, Non-slip, don’t trip.
Material Upgrade - Higher grade aluminum True T6 heat treatment.
Refine Baseplate - Improved strength.

We refined our original design with the AF1 in every way we could possibly imagine to deliver game-changing performance. With our crowning achievement, being a proprietary casting process in which the molecules of our aluminum are far smaller and more uniform in shape. This creates a 70% strong integral structure of our aluminum. Together with new SCM440 steel axles and a true T6 heat-treating the AF1 is quality without compromise. Paten pending retreading axle nuts, refined bushings and washer shapes for improved suspension, hand-poured 96A pivot bushings, and machine-faces hanger end for precision bearing race contact. All of these features, with the geometry you know and love.

Axle width: 9.0" (228.6mm).
Hanger width: 6.4" (162.56mm).
Truck height: 2.04" (52mm).
Fits boards: 8.625-9.125".
Sold as a pair.