Back Hand Bronze R7 - 8.375

$60.00 CAD $95.00 CAD

Madness Skateboards Back Hand Bronze R7 8.375".

Width: 8.375".
Length: 31.55".
Wheelbase: 14.2".
Nose: 6.65".
Tail: 6.5".

Embossed Canvas Texture.
Holographic Foil.
Medium Concave, Medium Kick.

Resin 7 Construction: 7 ply 100% North American Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue. Individually pressed.

REGROWTH is a sustainability mission to reduce our carbon footprint through clean manufacturing, fair labor practices, giving back to the community, and planting 3+ trees for each harvested to make skateboards with the National Forest Foundation.