Cutts and Bows

Bull Trout - 8.25

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Cutts and Bows Bull Trout Deck 8.25".

Two long time skateboarding friends, Tyler Charles and Craig Williams, reconnected later in life after discovering fly fishing! With deep roots in Skateboarding, Tattooing, Art, and now everything fly fishing, it was only inevitable that something like Cutts and Bows would sprout from their collective minds.

In 2018 the first seeds germinated and now 2 years later Cutts and Bows is a reality. The goal is to bring you gear that is tied to their roots and passions.

Fly Fishing and Skateboarding!  Finally!

This is the first offering from Cutts and Bows in a series of four decks we will be releasing featuring our favourite trout and char species.

Each one comes with a sticker of the same artwork shrink wrapped inside. 

Whether this is for the wall or under your feet, it will look stunning.