Skate Shop Day 2020 Deck - 8.5

$70.00 CAD

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Real Skateboards Skate Shop Day 2020 Deck 8.5".

We are beyond stoked to announce Deluxe Distribution as Skate Shop Day’s first official partner. It is with great gratitude that SSD & DLX offer you this one-time, limited special Price Point Shop Keepers Union REAL Deck (with art by Sasha Barr) and Spitfire Formula Four SUPPORT wheel.

Skate shops have always been the cornerstone of skate communities around the globe. Hard-working skate shop owners have tirelessly helped nurture and grow skateboarding to the massive size it is today. As a skate shop owner in NJ for 18 years, with my partner Steve Lenardo, I know all too well how shitty February can be for many shops. Many of us kiss skaters goodbye at Christmas and hope and pray the beaver falls off the wagon on Ground Hog’s Day, and that winter ends early. 

In an attempt to help make the register ring for shops in that window in February, my friend, Scotty Coats, and I created and celebrated, along with many others, the first-ever Skate Shop Day on February 19th, 2020. Skate Shop Day is meant to be the time when the skateboarding community celebrates our cultural hubs. The foundations of every skate scene. The places that bring skaters together and act as the glue for skateboarding as we know it. Skate Shop Day hopes to help get skaters INTO the shops, to Show Love to the unsung heroes that do so much for skating all year round; The men and women that float you a bearing, throw in free grip, and always act as ear or shoulder for any skater.

We appreciate all you do for skateboarding.
Big Love to all of you for your years of service, holding down your skate scene.
Welcome to the Shop Keepers Union.

Happy Skate Shop Day.
- Chris Nieratko