Desarmo Cores White Round 99a - 54mm

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Ricta Wheels Desarmo Cores White Round 99a 54mm.

Ricta Wheel Dynamics 54mm Wade Desarmo Pro Cores 99a white with red core and metallic pad printed graphic.

Informed by over 20 years of leading wheel technology, the newest Ricta Cores are ultra-fast and smooth. Coupled with Ricta's high performance urethane, Cores maintain shape integrity and minimize squish out when landing tricks for quicker rollaway.

Ricta's Round shape is the perfect mix of the Slim and Wide shapes offering versatility for street or park with a balance of control and slide and features a round radial edge for easy on-and-off obstacles and coping.

Diameter: 54mm.
Durometer: 99a.
Road Surface: 19mm.
Wheel Shape: Slim.
Wheel Width: 32mm.