Jacee Juhasz

Soul Patch II

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Jacee Juhasz - Soul Patch II Book

Soul Patch II is a follow up to last years predecessor.

 A compilation of images shot exclusively throughout 2021 - 2022, in association with Vans Canada & Mehrathon.

6 x 9".
200 copies.
100 Silk coated pages.
Debossed matte cover finished in soft touch.

Conor Neeson.
Zander Mitchell.
Ian Clelland.
Will Marshall.
Jake Cormier.
JP Grenier.
Alexis Lacroix.
Ian Tremblay.
Max Wasungu.
Guillaume Thibault.
Gabriel Galipeau..
Johnny Purcell.
Benjamin Vidmar.
Abby Ledwell.
Bob Lasalle.
Cole Woods.
Mackenzie Carruthers.
Spencer Hamilton.
Matt Dupuis.
Dan Cameron.
Zachary Wilkins.
Joey Larock.
Charles Rivard.
Andrew Winiarz.
Kelsey McGowan.
Kathy Kumblathan.
Myles Fairhead.
Steve MacLeod.
Noah Migotti.
Stafhon Boca.
Hugo Balek.
Erik Fisher.
Pedro Orsi.
Sam Espert.
Erin O'Connor.
Phil Lavoie.